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На этой странице мы будем помещать новости где редактор будет показывать новые книги читателям, где будет автографировать книги, читать выдержки из книг, радио и теле-интервью и другие новости о книгах Voices From the Past и Голоса из прошлого.

Мы также будем помещать новости о новых книгах,
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Socialist ideas are again popular with people who forgot the recent history and with socialist leaders who think they are smarter than were those in the first socialist experiment, which was built on the soil of Holy Russia.

My father wanted future generations to know what socialism was like in Soviet Union and how the people suffered. In 1967 in the New York’s Russian immigrant newspaper Rossia he predicted: “The world should fear Communism in itself. Russia got to know it with millions of victims, with rivers of blood and tears, and she herself will shake off the red beast in a year predetermined not by us…” And it did happen in 1991!

As a writer my father left part of himself behind. In the book "Voices From The Past: …Russia—Soviet Union: 1917-1971" Orest M. Gladky brings to life how the people lived in the so-called socialist "paradise." His writings are a time capsule preserving snapshots of people’s life under the socialist-communist dictatorship. I release his works in order to share them with today’s readers to warn that, unheeded, the socialist Soviet past could become democracy’s perilous future and we need to recognize that another socialist experiment could happen on, yes, even on the soil of “One Nation under God…”

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