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Voices From The Past: ...Russia—Soviet Union: 1917-1971

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Orest M. Gladky’s short stories delight readers with lucid, genuinely witty prose laced in sharp irony. You cannot help but be drawn into the whirlwind of human drama set against the poignant backdrop of Soviet life. These tales of survival and staying human in the face of adversity provide insights into human nature [...]

About the Author Orest M. Gladky

The world should fear Communism in itself.
Russia got to know it with millions of victims,
with rivers of blood and tears,
and she herself will shake off the red beast
in a year predetermined not by us…
– Orest M. Gladky. 1967. “In Whose Name?”
Newsp. Rossia. 7787:6. New York

Мир должен бояться коммунизма
в самом себе.
Россия познала его миллионами жертв,
морями крови [...]

Socialist ideas are popular again

Socialist ideas are again popular with people who forgot the recent history and with socialist leaders who think they are smarter than were those in the first socialist experiment, which was built on the soil of Holy Russia.
My father wanted future generations to know what socialism was like in Soviet Union and how the people [...]

MIKE HUGHES: The roots of my rage

It was a rainy morning on July 7, 1941, when a jeep with communist soldiers drove into Kropyvna. The people fearing for their priest wanted to hide him. Shortly afterward, two communists were commanding Father Januarius to enter the church and desecrate the Holy Eucharist. He said he would die first. One of the soldiers [...]

Difficult history: Writings reveal much about life in the ‘evil empire’

by Jimmy Tomlin
December 16, 2011
HIGH POINT – A Russian immigrant’s daughter now living in High Point has published a collection of her late father’s writings about Communist life in the Soviet Union.
“Voices From the Past,” which was compiled, edited and published by Olga Gladky Verro of High Point, is a collection of short stories written [...]

Books on History of Russia and Soviet Union

Recommended by Various Sources
The list of books on the history of Russia and Soviet Union was compiled from various sources. The readers of this post may find useful reference about these books made by the known reviewers and from the comments by the people who read them.
New Book: Catherine The Great: Portrait of a Woman

Olga Gladky Verro, Editor of Voices From The Past

A Few Very Personal Words…

I am a Ukrainian native of the World War Two generation who came to America in 1959 as a Displaced Person, with my husband and our two children, none of us speaking English.
We came by the way of Nazi invasion, forced labor under the Germans, and escape from the advancing Soviets [...]

Can the average person tell the difference between the USA and the USSR?
Have We Forgotten Recent History Already?

These questions were recently asked on the History Enthusiasts Group on LinkedIn.
Here are the selected answers by the members of the group.

– Vasco Phillip de Sousa, http://www.ptara.com
“Can the average person tell the difference between the USA and the USSR? Have we forgotten recent history already?”
– Nicholas
“Yes, the average person knows America, with all its virtues [...]